A Lawn Your Family Will Love

Lawn Care

Spike's Lawn Care proudly delivers superior lawn care services to central parts of Anoka County including Andover, Blaine, East Bethel and Ham Lake.

At Spikes Lawn Care we specialize in the maintenance and enhancement of established turf.
Our Services include (but not limited to):

Fertilization Description

Our fertilization program really stands out. We are always doing continuing education to keep up with the latest research from the U of M. Unlike many of our competitors, we use only the highest quality and longest lasting fertilizer available.

Ornamental Weed Control

Monthly Mowing (Price Per Month)

At Spike's Lawn Care, we exclusively use Walker Mowers for our ride on machines. Walker Mowers have a much lighter foot print reducing compaction compared to larger mid-mount mowers.

This lighter foot print virtually eliminates the lay down grass caused from the tire tracks.

Walker Mowers have a signature cut unsurpassed by the competition. Nothing lays down better lines than a Walker Mower.

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