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Lawn Mowing Service in Blaine MN

Lawn Mowing Services Blaine MN

Spike's Lawn Care proudly delivers superior lawn mowing services to Blaine MN and surrounding communities of Circle Pines, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park and Ham Lake.

At Spike's Lawn Care we specialize in the lawn mowing of established turf in Blaine MN.
Our Services include (but not limited to):

Monthly Mowing (Price Per Month) Blaine MN

At Spike's Lawn Care, we exclusively use Walker Mowers for our ride on machines. Walker Mowers have a much lighter foot print reducing compaction compared to larger mid-mount mowers.

This lighter foot print virtually eliminates the lay down grass caused from the tire tracks.

Walker Mowers have a signature cut unsurpassed by the competition. Nothing lays down better lines than a Walker Mower.

1. Skilled lawn care technicians.
2. Awesome customer service.
3. Fully bonded and insured.

Our Lawn Mowing Service in Blaine MN

Lawn Mowing is the periodic cutting of a turf grass lawn to a specified height. Like other green plants, Turf grasses go through the process of photosynthesis in order to grow and prosper. Lawn mowing that is too close reduces the amount of leaf area available for photosynthesis and become less tolerant to environmental stresses. This can make your turf more prone to weed invasion in turn may reduce plant strength. Spike's Lawn Care guarantees to successfully maintain a properly cut lawn. We insure it is desirable to maintain your lawn at the highest cutting height that looks good and is acceptable for the intended use of the turf. For most lawns, a cutting height of 2 to 3 inches is best.

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